Organizations that provide funds for NGOs in India

Tamuku: Organizations that provide funds for NGOs in India

One of the biggest problems that India has been facing over the past couple of years in poverty. More than half of the population lives on less than 2 US dollars a day which is equal to roughly 149 Indian rupees.

Thankfully, tons of non-governmental organizations or NGOs have been stepping up to help the citizens of the country overcome this global problem. Here at Tamuku, we aim to notify you with the latest updates about our local NGOs so that you can become a part of every single benefit. 

If you’re curious to learn more about the NGOs here in the country, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the top organizations that provide grants for Indian non-governmental organizations:

Swades Foundation

Even though the country is struggling with poverty, the Swades Foundation still wants to prioritize the future of the youth and their education. Ever since they were founded in 1983, they’ve been donating funds for NGOs in India that range from INR 25 lakhs to INR 75 lakhs.

Their main focus is to empower those who are in the rural areas by allowing them to get the education they need. These underprivileged people deserve to go to school just like anyone. That’s why this foundation supports organizations that create plans to aid them.

The Swades Foundation also goes the extra mile by donating generous amounts of funds to NGOs that aim to train teachers and improve the overall quality of education in the country.

United Nations Women

Unfortunately, women are still oppressed in some areas of India. They’re not treated as equal to their male counterparts which lead them to little to no opportunities in life. The worst thing about this is that some women are stuck with their abusive spouses.

That’s what United Nations Women is trying to put an end to over the past 10 years. Their goal is to eradicate this issue once and for all. Seeing women as second class citizens is a thing of the past and they think that it’s time that some areas in India catch up with today’s standards.

All NGOs that successfully fight against violence towards women will be supported by UN Women by pledging grants amounting from USD 150,000 up to USD 1 million.

P4G – Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030

As the name suggests, this organization supports NGOs that aim to preserve the environment to provide a suitable place for future generations. Some of the goals that this organization aims to achieve include:

  • Access to clean water for everyone
  • Reduce or eliminate pollution
  • End hunger and starvation.

P4G has proven their stand by donating funds of up to USD 100,000 to NGOs that share the same plan as for them.

These are some of the organizations that you want to keep your eyes on. They are making an impact in India by donating huge amounts of funds to be used for the improvement of the country.

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