WELCOME TO TAMUKUDevelopment Sector Alerts on WhatsApp for NGOs & Development Professionals in India

Welcome to Tamuku

Development Sector Alerts on WhatsApp for NGOs and Development Professionals in India

Tamuku is a WhatsApp Broadcast Alerts service that sends you latest updates and opportunities in the Development Sector. It is specifically designed for NGOs and Development Professionals in India.

You can choose to subscribe to get alerts on any of our Channels viz.,

  1. Funds for NGOs
  2. Jobs in Development Sector
  3. Development Studies & Courses including Fellowships & Scholarships
  4. Upcoming Events and Trainings
  5. Useful Websites & Mobile Apps
  6. FPO (Farmer Producer Organisations) Alerts 
  7. Foreign Funding Opportunities for NGOs in India

Tamuku is a paid service. The Alerts Service will start on confirmation of payment. 

Why Subscribe to Tamuku?

The purpose of Tamuku is to provide you with information, opportunities and resources for NGOs and Development Professionals directly on their WhatsApp. That means the latest news at your fingertips literally.

Here are the reasons why you should subscribe to Tamuku:

  1. Never miss an opportunity – a job/ call for proposal/ funding opportunities/ scholarships/ upcoming events and trainings
  2. Don’t get your email bogged down by subscribing to 100 different email newsletters, when you can get specific information in your mobile
  3. Don’t worry yourself sorting out plethora of resources available in the internet. With Tamuku, you can get right-kind of curated resources
  4. Just for Re.1 a day, you get targeted information that is just right for you and delivered right in your WhatsApp
  5. You can choose to subscribe to any of the 7 channels we are offering that are relevant for you. That means you don’t receive unwanted messages from us. You only receive that you need and take step on
  6. Sourced directly from more than 1000+ organisations across the globe, now you have the entire world of information regarding the NGO sector delivered right in your mobile phone


Tamuku is one of the Strategic Partners of GlobalGiving 
GlobalGiving is the largest global crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country. Tamuku support GlobalGiving’s mission by helping them connect with new world-changing nonprofits in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. 

Tamuku wins Semi-Finals at Deshpande Foundation’s Samvidha
Deshpande Foundation’s Sandbox Samvidha competition (semi-finals) was held on 7th October, 2017 at Hubbali.
Participants from 12 states, 38 social plans were presented who were selected from 200+ pitches in the first round.
We, at Tamuku, are proud to say that we have been announced as one of the winners in the semi-finals for ‘innovation’.