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“In an age of information overload, information discovery — the service of bringing to the public’s attention that which is interesting, meaningful, important, and otherwise worthy of our time and thought — is a form of creative and intellectual labor, and one of increasing importance and urgency.”

- Maria Popova, Brain Pickings on Curator's Code

At Tamuku, we have take on an important mission to be curators of information and opportunities pertaining to NGO/ development sector. As a result of our labour, we have compiled and curated various opportunities as documents, ebooks and digital products that NGOs and Development Professionals can easily access and use.

17 Funding Opportunities for Children-related Projects for Indian NGOs

Are you an NGO working in children and children-related projects in India?
Here is the list of 17 Funding Opportunities that you can apply for NOW or anytime of the year. There are NO deadlines. You can apply based on eligibility criteria and relevancy, any time.

11 Upcoming Funding Opportunities (July-August 2018 Deadline) for Indian NGOs

Are you an NGO in India looking for funds?
Get the list of 11 Funding Opportunities, that you can apply, with deadlines in July-August 2018. 
Download your copy of the document now!!

72 Mobile Applications for NGOs and Development Professionals in India

Leverage mobile-based technologies to increase your organisation's effectiveness and impact. 
Here is a curated list of mobile apps that you or your NGO can use to improve project management, for better donor/ volunteer management, coordinate fundraising efforts, team communications, etc.

101 Useful Websites for NGOs and Development Professionals

Find useful information and resources from curated list of websties on various opportunities for you/ your NGO viz., CSRs, Fundraising, DevJobs, Fellowships, DevStudies/ Courses, Scholarships, DevNews & Updates, Financial & Legal information, Network, Technology and other NGO services & resources.

If you need any particular information and have any queries/ suggestions, please write to us at tamuku10@gmail.com