Tamuku Premium Alerts Services for NGOs
Tamuku Premium Alerts Services for NGOs
Subscribe now to Tamuku Premium Alerts Services for NGOs @ Rs.19,999/year

Tamuku Premium Alerts Services for NGOs

Tamuku Premium Alerts Services for NGOs is a Customized Membership-Based Services for NGOs in India. Member NGOs receive alerts on funding opportunities that are relevant to their priorities and requirements; details of potential donor agencies for seeking funding and reminder alerts on deadlines and funding opportunities. Additionally, member NGOs will also receive alerts on other opportunities and resources that are relevant and useful for fundraising and partnerships building.

Subscribe now to Tamuku Alerts Premium Services for NGOs @ INR 19,999 per year

10 Benefits to NGOs

  1. Funding Alerts relevant to your NGO based on your eligibility and priorities
  2. Projects and partnerships opportunities matching your priorities & requirements  
  3. Reminder alerts on deadlines and funding opportunities
  4. Alerts on potential donor agencies (National and International including Government and CSRs)
  5. Resource materials: Sample proposals, Concept notes, Annual report, Reading materials, etc  
  6. Referral to consultants for writing concept notes/ proposals
  7. Post job requirements on Tamuku which will be shared with Tamuku Subscribers
  8. Useful websites and Mobile Apps
  9. Ask Questions, Get Answers
  10. Free Annual subscription to Tamuku WhatsApp Alerts Service, priced at Rs.365/ year

Features of Tamuku Premium Alerts Services

  • Alerts and Resources are shared via WhatsApp and E-mail  
  • Opportunities are sourced from 1000+ websites
  • NGOs will receive at least 15-20 alerts (opportunities, resources, etc) every month
  • Annual subscription fee is INR 19,999; Help NGOs save time and money

How to Subscribe?

NGOs interested in availing “Tamuku Premium Alerts Services for NGOs” follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Fill in the basic details of your Organisation here - Google Form 

Step 2: A team member from Tamuku will call you to validate the details provided and learn more about your NGO, its work, priorities and resources requirements

Step 3: Tamuku will send a payment link by email to pay the subscription fee online 

Step 4: Once the subscription fee is received, a receipt for the same will be sent to the NGO by Email

Step 5: Congrats! You will start receiving alerts now. The whole process of subscription takes about 7-10 days.

Terms & Conditions

  • On subscription, we ensure that the above stated services will be offered as per the needs of the partner NGO
  • Only Founder/ signatory of the NGO can subscribe to this service. Anyone other than the said personnel are requested to submit a letter of consent from the Board to continue service.
  • We assure that we will never share any confidential information about your NGO. However, if otherwise mentioned, we preserve the right to use the information provided for our public relations and marketing campaigns
  • We declare that we do not take any responsibility in assuring any funding for the partner NGO
  • We hold the rights to subscribe/ unsubscribe an NGO, on account of eligibility criteria as attributed to the Tamuku Premium Service.
  • We preserve the right to terminate the subscription, on account of any malpractice or illegal activities
  • For any further queries/ clarifications, please write to hello@tamuku.in