Do you want to raise funds? Are you planning to submit to a potential donor/ funding agency/ CSR?

Use the Tamuku Standard Proposal Template to coherently present your project, its reach and impact. Also use the Organisation Profile Template to share information about your NGO/ Social enterprise in a neat and organized manner.

Writing proposal, Raising funds!

Raising funds for a project, for your NGO is never easy and more of a daunting task. As an NGO, writing proposals for funding is one of the biggest and most crucial part of your job in convincing the potential donor/ funding agency to fund your cause. It should be brief, concise and convincing enough for money to be spent on. You need to know how to write your proposal in the most attractive and convincing way.

As you might already know, the main aim of a project proposal is to convince the donor agency to fund your project. It is therefor important that the proposal should be written in logical and structure manner. The proposal should be able to articulate the background of your context and the issues and challenges faced by the target beneficiaries you are going to work with and also should highlight the project activities and how it would solve the said socio-developmental issue and at the same time should be appealing to the donor.

Tamuku templates for your aid!

Tamuku’s ‘Standard Proposal and Organisation profile’ template will help your NGO to develop a well-designed proposal(s) which can convince donors to fund your project. 

Download it by clicking the link below. Price: INR 99/- only.

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