We are glad to inform the successful launch of Tamuku Webinar series by Tamuku. Our first ever webinar on ‘Sustainable Fundraising Strategies for NGOs’ was organised on 30th May, 2019 (Thursday) at 3:00 pm.

Thanks to all the attendees, from NGO Leaders to Fundraising Managers, Program Executives to Startup Founders, who participated enthusiastically in the webinar. We hope that you found the webinar useful in providing actionable steps to strategize fundraising efforts for your NGO.

Here is the Video recording of the full webinar (around 50 mins) you can refer to. Please don’t forget to Like, Comment & Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive notifications regarding video uploads in the future. Here is also a link to the Webinar presentation – that was used for the webinar. Please feel free to refer it.

The webinar particularly proved to be a primer on introducing NGOs to various fundraising strategies – that they could explore. Particularly, the 10 different strategies were shared:

More importantly, the webinar also discussed the importance of preparation by the NGO – in streamlining the information, various documents of the organisation, and communication protocols with the donor agencies, to both increase the efficiency and frequency of the availing funds, and also to build a sustainable relationship with the donors.

We briefly talked about this – streamlining your NGO information and documents, and get your NGO ‘donor ready’. We have developed NGO Organisation Essentials Package – that would help your NGO in this aspect.

Please feel free to write to us with any queries/ clarifications or support you may need from us. We can discuss on how to engage further. Also share your feedback/ suggestions, if any, regarding the webinar.


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