We, at Tamuku, are working to fulfill the information demand of the NGOs in India. We do this by sharing valuable information and opportunities for NGOs and development professionals. We are currently sharing opportunities on funding, upcoming events, trainings, useful websites and apps.

Given this demand, we conducted a need assessment in NGOs and Development professionals in Nepal. We concluded that there is potential demand for NGOs and professionals alike to seek relevant information accessible to them.

Introducing Tyamko-Nepal!

Realising this, we started Tyamko – Alert Services for NGOs in Nepal in January 2018. Just like Tamuku in India, Tyamko in Nepal share opportunities to NGOs in Nepal on various themes. This includes funding and grant opportunitieis, events, training and technology solutions that would be useful to the NGOs. We are sharing this via two channels – WhatsApp and Viber. We are currently serving some 6 NGOs who have subscribed to our service.

Thanks to the service, our Tyamko subscribers have already started using the information and written proposals to raise funds for thier NGOs and engaging similarly in various other opportunities which would have remained otherwise unknown to them.

Do you want to subscribe?

  • If you are NGO or know an NGO in Nepal, you can subscribe to Tyamko Alerts Service by writing to tyamko.org@gmail.com. You can learn more about the service by visiting our Tyamko website.

NGOs/ Development Professionals in India: You can now subscribe to Tamuku WhatsApp Alerts Service here.

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